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Info Marketer Avish Parashar on Content Creation – Part 1

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One of my JV partners, Avish Parashar posted a great list of ways to turn one sentence into eight pieces of content.  He agreed to let me share it with you today, so here goes – tips from info marketer Avish Parashar on Content Creation, in two parts:

By “one great sentence,” I mean one concise statement that makes a point relevant to your topic.”

That may not sound all that impressive, but with just that one line, you can create a flood of content:

1 – Turn it into a Tweet

info marketer avish parashar

Info Marketer Avish Parashar

If you trim you sentence down to under 140 characters (120 if you want to give people room to Retweet it) you have yourself a Tweet. You can also post that Tweet to Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

2 – Write a Blog Post that Explains Your Sentence with 3-7 Bullets

If your sentence has some weight to it, and if you are an expert on your topic, you should be able to come up with 3-7 points that support or explain your sentence. For each bullet, try to write only 1-3 sentences of explanation, and shoot for a total post length of 300-500 words. Post that on your blog.

3 – Flesh out the Blog Post and Turn it into an Article

Go back through your blog pot and expand each bullet into a longer paragraph. Don’t just add more sentences; re-write each section with a little more depth. Shoot for a final word count of 600-800 words. Submit this article as a guest post to relevant blogs or to article directories.

4 – Record a Video

Use a webcam, phone, or camera to record yourself talking about and explaining this sentence. You can use the same bullet points as before post, but don’t just read your post. Speak conversationally about the topic. Post this video to YouTube and other video sharing sites. You can also embed the video on your blog.

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