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After fifty-four books and more than thirty years as a motivational speaker, info marketer Brian Tracy puts business first in an indelible way, for us all to see and emulate.  In a recent blog post Tracy deals with some of the same issues I help my clients and partners work through in their businesses.

Tracy identifies three enemies we all have to overcome in order to achieve financial success. They are:

  1. Stepping out of your comfort zone. “People resist moving out of their comfort zones, but no progress is possible if you keep doing the same things in the same way.”
  2. Discouraging learned helplessness. “With learned helplessness, people feel like victims, as if they are overwhelmed by the situation, and there is nothing that they can do.”

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  3. Path of least resistance. “This is the natural tendency of people to follow the fastest and easiest way to get the things they want in the short term, with little concern about the long term implications of their behaviors.”

I totally agree. From my experience, these three factors are at the core of the procrastination and ambivalence lurking inside every info marketer. We all love comfort a little too much, we love to complain about what’s keeping us from moving forward, and when we do eventually get going, we want to take the easiest route possible toward our goal.

Underneath Tracy’s three enemies is THE BIG ONE, at least in my experience. And that is insufficient desire. We will do only what we want to do, and we will find excuses not to do everything else that’s required to build an information marketing business. Until , that is, we want it enough to put in the time and effort to achieve our goals.

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