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Info Marketing and the Wacom Bamboo Tablet

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After finding the Khan Academy website, I got excited. I kept thinking about how I could adopt/adapt the concepts to information marketing. My goal is to create a series of videos on EVERY aspect of info marketing that I could possibly think of.

Some of the material that I would be teaching would require me to use video. In some cases that video might be of my screen. In other cases it would be traditional video.

Still other material lends itself to using writing and illustrations to teach or communicate a topic. I thought about using Keynote (the Mac version of Powerpoint), but that would require too much work in advance.

On the Khan Academy site, the guy uses a black background and then writes with different color pens. Seeing him do it, I found myself wanting to do something similar.

I ran out to Staples and bought this thing called a Wacom Bamboo Tablet. When hooked up to my Powerbook, and some very basic software, it allowed me to write on a table attached via a USB cable.

I got the device home, read the instructions (FOR ONCE) and then started playing around with it. It’s a great concept. Anything that you write with a plastic stylus simultaneously appeared on your screen. You can adjust colors and even the thickness of the line your draw.

Then it struck me.

You have to have DECENT handwriting to use this tool and make it work. I do NOT have such handwriting. Even when I PRINT!

The following day I returned the Tablet to Staples and got my money back.


But, when I thought about things more, I came up with a solution. Anything where I was interested in teaching by writing on a blackboard I had a solution. I would simply type onto a Text Edit program and talk as I typed. It would be a little nosier than writing on a tablet, but with my handwriting, a MUCH better idea.

The other option when teaching was when I wanted to show something I did or wanted to do ONLINE. For both the “blackboard” training AND the on screen web based instruction I use ScreenFlow. You can get your copy at one of my affiliate links:

This program allows me to record all or a selected portion of my computer screen. At the same time I can narrate what I’m doing and that too is recorded. The net result is you have a VIDEO of your computer screen. Either with typing and me doing a narration, or me surfing the web and showing people stuff.

Lesson? If you want to use a Tablet like the one I mention above, don’t waste your time if your handwriting sucks like mine does. On the other hand, if you have fairly neat handwriting, then it may very well be worth getting.

The only time I’m going to have a problem is when something I am teaching people REQUIRES some kind of a visual image. If I wanted to show two intersecting circles for example. This couldn’t be done without EITHER a Tablet device or using some of the tools you find in Keynote.

When I reviewed the material that I was going to be teaching it became pretty clear that I would RARELY need to use this function. Therefore for ME, having a Tablet makes NO sense.

What about you?

Do you have a LOT of illustrations that require you to draw something? Then get a tablet. But, do so ONLY if you have decent drawing skills and decent handwriting!

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Consult With Fred Gleeck

Want to get some advice DIRECTLY from me? Find out how I can help you (one-on-one) with YOUR business. The rates are surprisingly affordable!

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