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Info Product Systems

Information Marketing

Every information product marketer MUST have a few different systems in place to make their info products business GO!

1. A system to write your books and ebooks. I use a very simple system where I create an outline and then fill in the blanks.

2. A system for producing audio programs. I do my audio info products the same way each and every time. I would suggest you find a system that you can repeat for every info product you creat.

3. A system for producing video programs. Again. I do it the same way each time. You should as well. Marketing information videos isn’t that hard, but you’ll need a repeatable SYSTEM.

4. A system to take order and do all of your ecommerce functions. I use This is my own proprietary software that is a one stop solution for any and everything any serious info product marketer must have.

5. A system for tracking your revenue and expenses. Info products are great to sell, but like any other business, you need a system for doing the basic accounting elements.

There are more, but that’s all for now!

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