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One of the most valuable elements in my information marketing arsenal is my ezine. Although many info marketers with a list send out an email blast to their list on a regular basis, I don’t. I’ve been marketing info products for a LONG time. I also have a pretty strong background in behavioral psychology. One of the things that I most remember from that field is how variable reinforcement is more powerful than fixed reinforcement. When you send out an ezine every Monday or every second Tuesday that would be a fixed reinforcement schedule. Providing that your ezine is sufficiently packed with useable content to be considered reinforcing. My info marketing background has shown me that sending out my ezine sporadically works much better. Other information marketing experts may not agree, but I have found this to be very effective. I will send out a couple ezines in a 48 hour period and then not again for 5 or 6 days. Then 3 in a row. I write my info products ezine when I’m inspired to do so, not on any regular schedule. If you’re selling information yourself, you may want to try this!

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