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Info Products With Built-In Features

Information Marketing

Creating your info products with built-in features is a great way to get repeat business.

I have clothes and I have headsets. But I do not own clothes with built-in headsets. I guess some people like that kind of thing, which opens my mind to new possibilities for sure. It’s always a good idea to realize that other people have ideas and desires that are different that our own.

Having a home office I don’t have a long commute to work. But millions of other people commute every day. I have to think about commuters when I design my information marketing if I want to appeal to all types of people in various life circumstances.

So, one way I set about to make my products more appealing to more people is to create products with built-in features.  For example, my e-books may contain live links to other pages and other products.

Those links also serve as marketing tools in themselves. I mean, I can link to another info product of my own, or to one of my JV partner’s products. That provides a great way for us all to be able to contribute to the success of each others’ businesses.

The possibilities are endless, really. Let’s say you are a veterinarian and you have an e-book on the subject of eliminating fleas from your home and your yard. That’s where dogs and cats get their fleas, after all.

You could link to pest control companies and even to individual products they sell. You can get set up as an affiliate for one or more pest control companies and make a small commission every time a reader clicks a link in your e-book and buys that product.

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