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Information Marketers Need To Understand Native Advertising

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Remember when those TV shows came out on cable that were really hour-long infomercials? They were designed to get you to buy a no-money-down real estate program or an expensive piece of exercise equipment. Did you ever buy something from one of those shows?  I did!

So, now that magazines are doing the same type of thing, information marketers need to understand native advertising and what it really is. I saw this quote by Frédéric Filloux on his blog recently:

infor marketing native advertising

Information Marketers Need To Understand Native Advertising

“In consumer and lifestyle sections, editorial content produced by the newsroom is often tailored to fit surrounding ads (or to flatter a brand that will buy legit placements).

The digital era pushes the trend several steps further. Today, legacy media brands such as Forbes, Atlantic Media, or the Washington Post have joined the Native Ads bandwagon.”

Is this bringing my analogy into sharper focus now? It didn’t take a genius to see that the infomercials were not regular TV shows, and now it’s not taking genius mentality to see that journalism is for sale, too, just like TV air time. Filloux goes on to say:

“Forbes lets marketers use the site’s Content Management System (CMS) to create their content at will. The commercial deal — from what we can learn — involves volumes and placements that cause the rate to vary between $50,000 to $100,000 per month. “

What does this mean to information marketers? It’s possible that you will be able to pay smaller online publications to post content that leads people to your products. I know that sounds something like old-fashioned article directories that don’t work well since Google down-graded them, but this is a whole new playing field.  I’m talking about writing articles that simply place your book or your info products in a favorable light. It happens all the time now.

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