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Information Marketing and John Edwards

Information Marketing

This blog title may sound like an unlikely pairing. You may be asking: What the Heck does John Edwards have to do with info products and information marketing. Good question! Let me explain.

John Edwards would be in much LESS trouble had he actually come forward and told the truth about what happened to/with him. Yes, it would have made a presidential bid impossible. Yes, he still would have lost his marriage, BUT, it would have gained him a few ounces of credibility.

The problem with information marketing folks is that when people get caught telling a lie, they tend to obfuscate. They dance around the problem and never “fess up” and come clean. We live in a very forgiving country. The best way to handle mistakes that you make in this field is the same way you should handle it in every field: TRUTHFULLY!

We ALL make mistakes. Some big, some small, but none of us are perfect.. I would submit to you that people will actually trust you more when you screw up and then admit it.

I have a personal example. A trusted friend told me about a PILL that you put in your gas tank a number of years back. He SWORE to me that he was getting an additional 8-10 miles per gallon using this “magic” pill. I bought it. Hook, line and sinker.

Then someone on my list ILLUMINATED me with the facts. Facts are a terrible thing for the wrong person. In my case, I read the information he sent and decided I had been duped. I went to my large list of ezine subscribers and apologized for being an idiot.

Many people sent me emails thanking me for coming clean and admitting my blunder. People will always forgive if you explain what happened and it makes sense. Information marketers AND Tiger Woods need to learn a lesson from this.

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