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If you sell info products, or are involved in the information marketing business in any manner, shape or form, I’m sure you see a lot of the same emails that I do.

This person or that person is trying to show you how to make a GAZILLION dollars if you follow their system and pay them the ridiculous fees that they want. Granted, a VERY SMALL percentage of people who buy the product do well, but what about the rest?

My experience tells me that most of those folks are SEVERELY disappointed with their results.

Most of the programs I’ve seen promoted don’t give a lot of time or discussion to the issue of what KINDS or TYPES of info products you should be selling. The majority of the promoters seem to think it doesn’t matter.

I couldn’t DISAGREE more!

I don’t care how much money I stand to make, if I have to work at a project where the topic if of absolutely NO interest to me, then I’ll take a PASS!

I’ve got some recent examples of how I’ve been doing things that MATCH my PASSIONS and they will also make me money. Maybe not tomorrow or next week, but within the next couple of months. How much money? Some a little, others a little more, and others still a LOT more.

BUT, in each of the cases I’m going to give you, I’m working in an area that I really enjoy. Net result? It doesn’t really feel like WORK! I’d much rather spend my time in areas like these. Wouldn’t you??

I’m a big fan of Indian food. So, a number of years back I reserved: I haven’t done too much with that one recently, but from now on, whenever I go out for Indian food (which is frequently), I intend to come home and post to my blog about the food I ate. If you like Indian food, feel free to post YOUR favorite restaurants there as well.

I’ve been a movie buff since I was a kid. In addition to reading, that’s my main FUN activity outside of work. I took both of those interests and put together a site: At this site I review both movies and books. Again, I’ve been a little LAX of late, but my intention is to review everything book I read and every movie I see.

I also REALLY enjoy interviewing people. Not just business types. I have an interest in talking to anyone who has a something significant to say in an area that I have even a curiosity about. So, I started

If the interview is one that relates to Info marketers, I put it up on this site as well. If it’s a person the majority of information marketers would NOT have an interest in, I only post it at that site.

How about making money? Money starts by generating traffic. If you can generate traffic you can find a way to make money. In order to generate traffic, your posts on a blog have to be very good. Good enough that others would point people in the direction of those posts and hopefully have it spread virally.

Before the traffic starts to come, you’ll need to consider how you’ll monetize the traffic that you get. Will you use an advertising model? If you have enough of the right type of traffic, people will pay to have their ad seen my “your” folks.

You might also consider others ways to monetize your traffic as well.

The point of this post is to make sure that you spend your time on things that you really ENJOY. Key to generating, money, traffic and everything else is that you need to LIKE what you’re doing.

So, no matter what market you go after, make sure it’s one that you can get excited about. One you’re passionate about. One that will keep you working on it consistently, over time.

YES, consider whether a market you “attack” is financially viable, but also make sure you have a PASSION for what you’re doing!

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