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Information Marketing Autoresponder Savvy

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I saw a study that really surprised me lately, and it helped me understand the need for information marketing autoresponder savvy. Do you have it? Are you doing it?  I mean, are you using an autoresponder series that follows up with people who give you an email address through your sites online?

Turns out, according to the Optify 2013 Autoresponders Study, which surveyed 500 companies selected from the list compiled by Inc. 5000 in 2012, only 37% of them had autoresponders in place. That means if you went to their corporate website and completed an opt-in form, you would not be likely to receive a series of emails in response. That really surprises me. Only 25% of the companies surveyed failed to provide any opt-in form on their websites.

info marketing autoresponder

Information Marketing Autoresponder Savvy

However, 91% of the companies surveyed that offered an opt-in form followed up with a Thank You page. That is good to know.  Most of us expect to see a Thank You page of some kind, even if it’s just to know that our contact information was received.  Building a Thank You page into your autoresponder system is a #1 priority.

Basically, there are three parts to an autoresponder series of follow-up emails:

1) A contact or opt-in form where the visitor to your site leaves a name and email address, plus more information if you require it. The more information you require, however, the less likely the form will be competed.

2) The all-important Thank You page that appear as soon as the visitor opt-in.

3) Follow-up emails written in a welcoming tone, scheduled so that they don’t aggravate the recipient, but gently remind him about his interest in you and your products.

Getting the tone and the timing right is an art and a science in itself.

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