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Information Marketing Conversion Rates

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OK, we don’t see or know how many visitors are traipsing into and out of our landing pages and websites all day and night unless we choose to obsessively track them. Most of us check our statistics regularly, but not all day everyday. Information marketing conversion rates are not on our minds 100% of the time.

For a moment, envision a doctor’s office with people filing in, taking up space in the waiting room, and then leaving. Or picture the same sort of thing in a restaurant. Got it? It’s not cool.

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Information Marketing Conversion Rates

We don’t think about our websites, blogs and landing pages this way because there are no real people taking up space where we make our living as happens in offices and restaurants and retail stores. Out of sight is out of mind, for the most part. Nothing lost, but definitely nothing gained either.

I am discussing the difference between optimizing your sites for TRAFFIC and optimizing for CONVERSION, or actual sales. Some info marketers are using their info products for leads, not sales. In that case, it’s the difference between TRAFFIC and LEADS.

OK, all that being said, Richard Farr’s article on is a brilliant and timely explanation of the differences between attracting people and motivating them to take action. He includes the following insights:

“A good framework can be set up by answering the following two questions:

What are you doing to get more traffic?

What are you doing to increase your conversion rate?”

Not all traffic is created equal. More traffic is good, but the right traffic is even better. Filter out non-converters from your site by either personalizing offers to that particular segment, or refraining from advertising to them at all.”

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