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Information Marketing Domain Names and WHY They Matter

Information Marketing

For anyone in the field of information marketing, domain names are CRITICAL to your success. I just saw an ad on TV for a new singles site for SENIORS. The name they came up with was pretty good:

My “sick” mind immediately thought of a very demented off-shoot of the name: You can only imagine the kind of things you might find on there!

Out of curiosity, I went to see if the OTHER site name was available. I was HOPING that the folks from had been smart enough to reserve some of the different variations of the site name. Some of which may not be so flattering.

I went to my site: In addition to being able to reserve a domain name, and get hosting, you can also see who owns which domains. I then saw that the incorrect spelling of the site was taken. YEAH, I thought. These folks are using their heads and PROTECTED themselves by reserving a number of different domain names SIMILAR to their own.

Alas, I gave them too much credit. They had NOT reserved the MEAT version of the domain name. Either that or the folks that own and manage this site are a LOT more clever than I think. The owners of the “real” site are listed in Dallas, TX. The MEAT site owner is listed in Pompano Beach Florida.

If people are REALLY smart they often have a trusted friend reserve some of the domain variations.

I ALSO noticed something very interesting. The folks who own the MEET site SEEM to be connected with Clever. Match is trying to segment it’s market. After all, it already has all the software necessary to run a great dating site, they have just segmented their market and are going after SENIORS directly. Smart on their part.

The person who owns the “incorrect” spelling of the domain name, from Florida, not only has the name up for sale, but it generating some revenue while waiting. They have pay-per-click and some other revenue generating items on a place-holder site.

Here is my question to the folks at Match or whomever owns the senior dating site: If you’re going to roll out a large marketing campaign, why would you do this without protecting yourself by reserving OTHER domain names that are spelled similarly?

A FURTHER investigation finds that the MEET site was first registered in 2003. The MEAT site was first registered in 2005. At the time that the MEET site was first reserved, had they been MY clients, I would have suggested that they reserve any and all domain names that come even close to the “legitimate” one. It only makes sense and it’s CHEAP!

I am also suggesting that YOU do the same. Preferably at where I make a quarter or so for every domain that you reserve. Don’t worry, it’s going to a good cause! I may have to help my step-kids through college.

Domain names are the virtual real estate of our era. Have you invested? Do you have enough of them? I don’t care what your answer is to that question, my guess is you don’t have ENOUGH of them.

They are cheap to get and you can always let them go after a year or two if you can’t find a use for them. BUT, not having a name could really damage your business prospects.

Questions, comments, ideas?

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