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Information Marketing For Different Types of Learners

Information Marketing

Did you know that you can tailor your information marketing for different types of learners?

It’s a well-known fact that different people have different learning styles. Some learn best by reading words on a page, and some learn better by hearing the words spoken aloud. In many cases, a combination of written and spo

informating marketing modalities of learning

It’s a well-known fact that different people have different learning styles

ken words is even more effective.

Your research and writing on any topic can be used to create written, audio and video products to appeal to all types of learners. In fact, you can repurpose the same material in order to offer your customers an individual choice of info products or a set of all of them together.

Experienced information marketers give consideration to their written presentation as well as their audios and videos, tweaking the content so that it works best for each form of media.  In the current marketplace is has become a common practice to offer a digital audio and written transcript along with a video sale. That way the buyer is completely covered with each type of product.

Most people are simply not aware of their best learning method, so that’s why bundling the audio and the written transcript together with a video is really doing them a favor. They might prefer a video, but soon discover that they benefit more from listening to an audio CD in the car or an MP3 on an iPod.

Your information needs to appeal to all types of learners so that you have very satisfied customers.

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