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Information Marketing Gurus – REVISITED!

Information Marketing

I’ve been selling and marketing information products for a long time. If you include the time I’ve been doing this both on and offline, it comes to over 27 years. WOW! In that time, I’ve seen a lot of crazy things happen. But, as is true in other fields, history tends to repeat itself.

Back in the mid 80s, infomercials were all the rage and there were a bunch of folks peddling a LOAD of CRAP back then as well. Nothing has changed. Only the delivery system. Today you get promised MASSIVE riches that you can make by doing this or that scheme as well.

I just saw an infomercial hosted by a VERY well known entity in the publishing field. The guy he was interviewing was someone I had never heard of before. I Googled the guy. All I found were a list of dissatisfied customers bitching about how they had been SCREWED by the guy hawking his products.

In every era there are snake oil salespeople!

When you read your next sales letter promising you how you can get STINKING RICH overnight, just read those words as SCAM! Will there be a few people who will get filthy rich overnight doing things? Sure. Will someone win a lottery today and make a million? You betcha. The problem is the numbers are NOT in your favor.

I would suggest to you that if you are interested in making BIG money FAST in the field of information marketing that you instead save the money you would have spent going to seminars and buying info products. Instead, take all of that same cash and put it on RED or BLACK at the casinos here in Vegas. Your chances for success would be better. At least then you’ll have close to a 50-50 shot at winning.

Not true with some of the garbage that some information marketing gurus are peddling. Yes, one or two people they teach will make a boatload of money. Many of those people will make that money DESPITE the system they bought from that guru. The vast majority of them will make NOTHING. They will be disappointed.

I’m sorry, but I have no sympathy for them. They wanted to make the money FAST. They wanted to do NO work. Welcome to reality. That isn’t going to happen. UNLESS you win the lottery.

Hard working learning how to market and sell information products is absolutely necessary if you want to “win the game” selling info products. When people come to my Fred Info Bootcamp, I tell them to expect to put in 3-4 years of time building a business. BUT, when it’s done, they will have something SOLID. Something that will stand up over time. NOT a house of cards.

I remember when every information marketing guru was touting how you could get rich with Ad Sense putting up these bogus sites. Then Google smacked them. Folks who had been making thousands of dollars and more a month for now making NOTHING.

Rather than looking for the get rich system for selling info products, look for the get rich slow system. That’s the one that’s built on a solid foundation, not some hairbrain scheme that someone just came up with last week!

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Information Marketing

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