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Ever had one of those days when ideas kept popping into your head, so fast and furious that you could barely keep up? When that happens to me I used to grab a little tape recorder, but now of course I just use my phone.  That mini-tape recorder isn’t stashed too far out of the way, though, because sometimes I use it for spontaneous interviews at seminars.

Speaking of interviews, Mauro D’Andrea created a whopper of a blog post in which 101 different people are interviewed and share their bright ideas on internet marketing.  It is overload to some extent, but then, it is always good to digest as many new ideas as possible so you’ll remember them when the right time comes to use them yourself.

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Information Marketing Idea Explosion

One of those interviewed was SEO expert, Neil Patel, author of an article titled “How Content Length Affects Rankings and Conversions.” His ideas regarding how many words of content should show up on each webpage are especially important. Now THOSE are definitely bright ideas coming from the mind of an SEO expert, and they are not ideas that are not likely to spontaneously arise from those of us who market information on other topics.

There is a time and place for cherishing our own ideas, but many times we’re better of listening to the experts in order to build our information marketing business. I find that a combination of inside and outside ideas seems to come together for the most successful “recipes.” I guess that’s why I like the joint venture partner system best.

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One Response to “Information Marketing Idea Explosion”

  1. Mauro D'Andrea on March 22nd, 2013 10:21 am

    Fred, thank you very much for mentioning my post, I’m honored!

    Neil Patel’s ideas about the length of posts are brilliant: I’ve tried them and in about 40 days (writing just 6 posts) I reached a 1000% increase in serch engine traffic.

    Fred, I totally agree with your concept about the combination of your own ideas and experts’ones – I even wrote a post, which I’m going to publish in the first days of April, related to this concept.

    Thanks again!

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