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Information Marketing Integrity

Information Marketing

Integrity in any field is often tough to find. That’s VERY true as it relates to information marketing. For some reason this field attracts a lot of people who feel very comfortable playing fast and loose with the facts. Although you can make more money SHORT term playing games with customers and colleagues, it’s a bad long term strategy.

I have SEEN with my own eyes some brazen displays. A number of years ago I was speaking at an event where the staff was instructed to find out how much money people had left on their credit lines in order to CUSTOMIZE an offer for them. An offer that would be just under their credit limit when put through.


There are still plenty of people who play similar games. It galls me. What galls me more is that NEW internet and information marketers don’t know who the “good” guys and bad guys are. Many of them assume that everyone is honest.

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

I’m at the second day of my Fred Info Bootcamp. A great group of people. They have been asking a lot of questions about specific people and my thoughts about their integrity levels. Sad to say, but most of their questions receive a very similar look from me. One of disgust.

If you want to win the game in the info products business, do the right thing. BUT, don’t let people take advantage of your kindness or nature. Being straight up with people does not mean you should be a doormat. I was recently taken advantage of by a customer. It happens. Try and let those things go. All it will do is make you crazy.

Instead, seek out customers who you would want to have over to your house for dinner.

At my bootcamps, I spend a lot of time with a small group of people who are intensely committed to becoming successful information marketing types. The vast majority of them are willing to work hard and “do the right thing.” These are the people I want around me.

People I like and people I trust.

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