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Information Marketing Is Not Art

Information Marketing

This is an area where I differ from many people who market information products. I am going to make a statement here and you can see how it fits with your own philosophy – information marketing is not art.

I have stated this in countless talks and articles, even if I haven’t distilled it down to those exact words. The simple fact is that creating and promoting info products is a business and it absolutely requires attention to the bottom line.

There is only one exception, and that is limited to artists who earn their living or part of their income by creating works of art. It can be digital art or tangible art, but art is art. Art is not business.  Business is how you earn your full or part-time living. Business is not a hobby, although many information marketers have turned their hobbies into businesses.

information marketing is not an artWhat I am saying here flies in the face of the “follow your passion” crowd. I get tired of hearing, “follow your passion and the money will come.” No, not necessarily. There are no guarantees for such a thing.  It’s BS.

However, if you’re selecting a topic and pursuing it sufficiently in order to become an expert then you are certainly well-advised to choose a topic that interests you. That is just obvious, isn’t it?

I know people who advocate a business model that involves building websites that make money primarily by the use of advertising links. That works for them, and it can work for you.

What I teach, coach and advocate is building an information marketing business that attracts business to you and your own products, not exclusively the businesses and products of others, and not just as a hobby.

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