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Information Marketing Keywords

Information Marketing

Have you ever created a spreadsheet or any form of list in order to focus on your information marketing keywords?  It’s not too exciting, I’ll admit, but it is a foundational exercise that will pay you back in real dollars. Knowing the best keywords to use in your content marketing is critical.

There are blog posts, articles, courses and software programs that give advice and reveal keywords on your particular topic. But there is also a fast, easy way to find a few instantly. Right now. Free.

Get to your nearest Google search box and type in your topic. Today let’s use “learn to sail.” For a moment, we are focused on finding keywords for the author of a book on sailboat safety and sailing education. She also hosts an online forum associated with her website Got it?

google information marketing

Information Marketing Keywords

I just typed that phrase into a Google search bar and, scrolling through the top paid results, the organic results in the middle of the page and another set of paid results below, finally I see eight links below the words, “searches related to learn to sail.” Bingo. Those are Google’s suggested keywords for our topic.

These phrases are also called “long-tail keywords” and they show up on the search page because they are current phrases that people are typing into their search bars that relate to our phrase. This information is golden for content marketing purposes.

Google’s suggested keyword phrases are designed to assist users, but they can also assist marketers to achieve better page ranking and more conversions. It will work for our sailboat instructor and it will work for YOU!

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