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I just spent the last 48 hours in a room with the consultants who catapulted Scott Brown into the Senate seat. He was the guy who beat Martha Cokley for the “Ted Kennedy” seat in Massachusetts. All I could think of while I was sitting in the room sucking up all the new information was: How could I turn this experience into a product?

The guy who led the session was from something called the Shawmut group. His name is Rob Cole. He KNEW his stuff! It was fun to sit in on a learning session as the student and not the instructor or seminar leader. Particularly with someone who REALLY knew his stuff. He was NOT a POSER!

Rob went through the presentation to show the group how to put together and structure a campaign. He used a chart to illustrate the structure of the campaign. His famous: “7 boxes plus one”. As someone who does a ton of info products, I resonated with a 7 STEP program. It made sense. The “plus one” was a nice additional touch.

If you’re going to to do products, KNOW your stuff. Also, know how to structure your products. A list is good. Structure is important. Knowing how to put the steps in order: equally important. As you put an info product together, think of what you’re doing as a LEARNING SYSTEM. A way to show people HOW to DO something.

As you put together your product, think of it as an information learning system.

Information Marketing

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