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Information Marketing List Building Success

Information Marketing

Depending on your business model, building your own list of contacts’ names and email addresses should be one of the most important activities on your to-do list. Your information marketing list building success is likely to be a relatively slow process, especially if you are only interested in QUALIFIED opt-ins. Those are the people who may actually purchase your info products, not just a useless stream of traffic that has no interest in who you are or what you do.

By now you have probably opted-in to a variety of lists and you know how it works. You know what makes you stick with some senders and unsubscribe from others because they are just bothersome intrusions in your email inbox. Right? Remember your own feelings and also your own behavior, meaning what you do when emails simply do not interest you.

info marketing list building

Information Marketing List Building Success

This is really important, I mean, looking closely at your own behavior and understanding that other people only want to see emails that interest them, too.  I am constantly astonished when I see internet marketers talking about their traffic-generating systems, and promising loads of traffic in mere hours.

That’s just BS. Oh, you may get traffic all right, but not BUYERS.  It takes time to get buyers who want what you have to offer, and more importantly, who stick with you and buy from you again and again. Repeat business, by the way, is the kingpin to success. That’s why building your information marketing list isn’t an instant, overnight production.  Be prepared to stick it out for the long haul.

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