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Information Marketing Planning

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There’s no getting around it – information marketing planning is a daily necessity.  You have to have your days, weeks, months and years planned in advance in order to build your info product business and succeed. hosted a podcast lately with Mike Meldrum, author of The Complete Marketer: 60 Essential Concepts for Marketing Excellence. Meldrum had an interesting statistic showing the lack of planning across the board, “Companies know they need a marketing planning system. However, 80% of organizations don’t have an integrated and coordinated plan.”

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Information Marketing Planning

He is writing for companies much larger than most information marketers are running, often completely solo. But his point is well-taken. If so few large companies fail to plan their marketing activities, I wonder what the statistics might be for solo information marketers?  Much higher than 80%, I guarantee you.

You can find all kinds of marketing plans in textbooks (remember those?) and on the web, of course. They will give you a good place to start, and then you can develop your own plan from there.

In case you’re not familiar with marketing plans in general, they are one part of an overall business plan. The Small Business Administration offers excellent business plan advice, including a template. Starting with an existing business plan template, and then focusing on the marketing plan section is a great way to shorten your learning curve when you are building your info products business.

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