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Whenever I get someone who asks for a refund I get angry. REALLY angry! Why? Because I know that my products are good and that people don’t have the “right” to ask for a refund. Looking at the matter objectively, I’m right! No one who does a great job creating and selling info products wants to have anyone ask for a refund.

The problem is that my thinking is based on the concept of a RATIONAL WORLD. The world, nor are people rational. They aren’t. Anytime you get a refund there will be a certain number of people who really deserve getting their money back. Many others do not.

My solution is this. I have turned over the process of processing refunds to someone else. I don’t even see the requests anymore. For the 10% of people who truly deserve a refund, in my humble opinion, I would feel OK about seeing their emails and putting through the necessary paperwork.

My problem is that the large majority of people do NOT deserve refunds for my products. Since the vast majority of them are digital, people don’t feel like their stealing and it’s far to easy for them to get a refund.

In the “old days” it was much more difficult. They received a PHYSICAL package and they had to wrap it up, find packaging, and send it back. Refund rates, across the board, were lower. It was a huge hassle to people who wanted their money back.

This is not to say that ALL refunds for my products are unjustified. Some are, but frankly I don’t even want to hear about them. It just makes me nauseous. I guess that their is a psychological issue at play here. I don’t ever want to feel personally rejected and no matter how certain I am about the quality of my work, refund requests BOTHER ME.

Here is what I suggest for you.

Don’t take it personally. In most cases refunds are not about you. If your refund rates get above 5%, look into your products themselves. There MAY be a problem.

Also, if you’re like me and have thin skin, then let someone else be in charge of issuing any refunds for any products.

Good luck!

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