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Whenever I meet someone who is interested in information marketing, one of the first questions they ask me is “What software do you use to run your business?” It’s a great question since selling info products is now done primarily online.

I use, and recommend that you consider a program called WebMarketingMagic. But, whether you use that program or something else, you need to make sure that the program you select has a few very important items. Here they are:

1. Autoresponders – Any software you use should have a method by which you can send out autoresponders. There are many places where you can get autoresponders done, but few of them are integrated into the same program.

2. Shopping Cart – Software you use must have the ability to take orders online. Again, you can find shopping carts that NOT integrated and that’s not good.

3. Ad Trackers – You should have a system that allows you to track the effectiveness of your advertising efforts online. No matter whose software you use, you must have this element as part of your mix.

4. Split Tester – It’s really great if you can test two or three different landing pages to see which one pulls the best. It’s also nice if this feature is built into the program that you use for selling info products.

5. Ezine Sender – I know this is not the formal name for this, but you need to have a system that will send out an email blast to your entire list OR just a portion of your list.

6. Recurring Orders – If you do anything where you want people to be charged on a regular monthly basis, your system should be able to do this.

7. Affiliate Program – Your software must have the ability to set people up as affiliates. This way you can have people selling your products and services and track and commission them for those efforts.

8. Upselling Process – Whatever you use, make sure it has the ability to offer people who order one product a second product to add to their order. This is essential to increase your average sales per transaction.

9. Database of Clients – Any system needs to have a way to put all of your prospects and customers into a variety of different “groups” and be able to target or communicate with them individually.

Those are the majority of things that anyone who sells info products will want in a system. Make sure that your system has each of these things before you spend your time, energy and efforts to buy it and figure out how to use it.

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