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Information Marketing Specialization

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I am TIRED of the word niche, partially because it is over-used but also because the dictionary defines it as, “a shallow recess.”  Does that honestly sound like something you want? Are you developing your information marketing specialization in a shallow recess or a deep pocket?  I, for one, choose deep pockets.

Your topic or area of specialization is your first and most important choice when you start to create your info products. Think of it as you would think of choosing a spouse. Is your choice a good one?  This is not the time to cross your fingers and hope you are right. Your choice of a spouse is the foundation of strength or failure of a marriage and an information marketing business. Choosing your topic is ALL IMPORTANT.

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Information Marketing Specialization

Let’s say you are a cake decorator and you can, naturally, decorate any cake, any way, any time. You can decorate a cardboard box, for that matter, but it probably wouldn’t be too tasty. You are going to find that choosing an area of specialization is your key to success.

“Wendy’s Wedding Cakes  – Delivered to your reception within 3 days of your order or we eat our own cake.”

“24/7 Dental Services – We never close so that you get the care you need whenever you need it.”

“On-Site Paralegal  and Notary – We come to you whenever and wherever you need legal documents signed.”

Don’t these people sound like they know what they are doing precisely because they specialize? Yes, these are local businesses, but online information marketers can do the same thing to reach into deep pockets instead of shallow recesses.

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