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Information Marketing Targeting The Affluent

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Pam Danziger has built an information marketing business targeting the affluent.  Her information may be very useful to you and your own business, too.

I’m introducing you to Pam in this post because some of my clients and customers who create information products and do some speaking engagements tell me that their biggest challenge is how to approach people who are financially secure in order to motivate them to action.

Most people are motivated by saving money, or simply getting things free so that they don’t have to spend money. When money is an issue, including making more money, it seems to take over the lead position in most decisions. But wealth changes that thought leadership dramatically, and creating information marketing products for wealthy clients and customers is very different as a result.

info marketing affluent market

Information Marketing Targeting The Affluent

Danziger says, “Unlike demographics which give us the objective facts and figures that describe our customers (e.g. age, income, gender) and tell us who can afford our products, psychographics tell us who has the willingness to buy – among all of our possible consumers, who is the most likely to purchase our item, and what lifestyle clues they give us that tell us how to reach them.  Purchase behavior tells us more about what consumer behaviors we need to target to inspire those with the money and willingness to buy to think about and purchase our products.”

There is not one right way to do it, and you will have to make observations in your own area of expertise. But the most important thing to remember is that marketing to the affluent is NOT THE SAME as marketing to the general public.

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