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As a kid I hoped to become a professional golfer. When I got to college I realized that I was completely deluded. Growing up in the Philippines I won the Philippine Junior Amateur Golf Championship two years in a row. YEE HA! That meant NOTHING here in the U.S. Was only so-so here. What does this have to do with Info product marketing? It taught me a lot about the difference between doing and teaching.

I will freely admit that there are other information marketers who make more money than I do. First off, that’s not my primary goal. Although it’s important, it is NOT top on the list. I do make one very audacious claim: I TEACH information marketing better than anyone on the planet. That I’m sure of.

Tiger Woods is the best golfer. He never claims to be the best golf teacher. Teaching and doing are two very different skills. As you look for someone to help you build your information marketing business make sure you realize that those who CLAIM to be making tons of money (and only believe your own numbers by the way) are not necessarily that good as teachers.

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  1. Get Ideas For Building Your information Marketing Business on March 22nd, 2013 5:09 am

    […] This is the moment to savor another of Fisher’s comments, “Once you’ve fed your brain, as a copywriter, you must trust it to do its work.”  And it is also true for those of us writing to create information products, too.  We have to process and respect our take on the world around us to market information. […]

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