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13 Essential TOOLS for Information Marketing

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If you sell information products of ANY kind, please read this post thoroughly. My “mission” is to help information marketers find better, faster and cheaper ways to create and market their STUFF!

Along the way, I’ve picked up a number of great TOOLS to help anyone do just that. I’m constantly adding to the list, but someone recently asked me to list ALL of them. I’ll do that and explain WHAT they are and WHY I use them.

If you had given me this list a few years back it would have saved me thousands of hours AND tens of thousands of DOLLARS.

Before starting, a disclosure. Every tool I’m telling you about here has an affiliate link attached to it. That means when you BUY from one of these sites, I get paid. NUTTIN wrong with that! It would only be wrong IF I promoted something ONLY BECAUSE I made a buck doing so.

That is NOT the case with ANY of the sites, products and service I list here. All of them have value for you.

As I go through the list, I won’t give you a COMPLETE product description. It would make this post TOO LONG and cumbersome. Instead, I’ll give you the highlights of each product or service. If it strikes your fancy, click on the link and check it out for yourself. If it makes sense, buy it. If it doesn’t, don’t do me any favors!

Here’s the list! Enjoy. – I use this tool to do all my back office work online. I use it on every one of my websites. The nice thing is that you only have to pay for ONE copy of this indispensable software. You can then use it on as many sites as you like. All for ONE FLAT FEE. – If you want the best and the cheapest place to reserve domain names, this is it. I’ve set my prices as LOW as they let me. This gives you the lowest price and me the lowest commissions. I also recommend that no matter where you reserve your domains, keep them all in the same place. Preferably with UltraCheap! – IF you are going to be registering more than 50 domains then you should set yourself up with your own “retail” domain store. Your OWN version of There’s a small up-front fee, but you’ll be better off. – My good friend and colleague, Dave Hamlton is a tech guru. He works with people at ANY level to help them with their web-related technical needs. Whenever someone asks me to recommend someone, Dave is the name I give them. He’s a smart and honest guy and I stake MY reputation on HIS. – Want to get the lowest prices on the web for UNLIMITED hosting for your domains? This is the place. It’s easy to use and you can set up sites super quickly and easily. If you reserve a lot of names and set up a LOT of sites, using this service for your hosting will save you a bunch of time and money. – Do you use WordPress as your website platform? Then this tool will be indispensable to you. Want to make an exact duplicate of a website? This tool will let you do just that. I highly recommend that you study this program to see exactly what they do and WHY it would be of value to use it. – If you want to set up a membership site, there are a lot of options out there. For most people, this is the best option that I’ve found. Feel free and try all of the rest of them, but this is my personal favorite. – If you’re a MAC user, this is a great tool to have. It allows you to capture and record anything that appears on your computer screen. I use it to record any and everything that appears on your screen. I record all of my webinars this way. If you’re on the Apple platform, this is a program you’ll use all the time. – Are you a speaker? Want to find a gig or get MORE gigs. This is a great tool for you. Many speakers are great at what they do but have a hard time finding paid venues where they can speak. This is a tool that every speaker should be using, in ADDITION to whatever other means of marketing they have or use. – Want to know what your competitors are doing? This program allows you to see the essential elements that your competitors behavior online. You’ll get to study the folks who run similar businesses to your own. You’ll end up NOT having to waste money to test things because you can monitor what others are doing for one flat fee. This is a GREAT thing to have. – If you record a video and put it on YouTube, it doesn’t cost you a dime. However, there will be times when you don’t want a video to appear on YouTube. Let’s say you want to have people be able to watch your videos as part of a membership site, this is the product to use. Other places are MUCH more expensive, so make sure and host any and all your videos OTHER than those on YouTube right here. – Want to send people video emails and do your live broadcasts? This program is perfect for that. I’ve found that sending video emails dramatically increases conversion rates. You can more quickly and easily solidify your relationships with your prospects and customers. Video email is a lot more sensible than doing text emails for the most part. – For a long time I’ve been using Go-To-Webinar for all of my events. They’re charging me $100 a month. Now YOU can do your own webinars with as many or MORE features for a LOT less. UNDER $10 a month! Amazing but true. This piece of software will give you everything you need to host your own events for FEE or FREE.

There you have it. Some of my favorite tools to use. If you have or use any of these, please leave some comments here.

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6 Responses to “13 Essential TOOLS for Information Marketing”

  1. Janet on February 21st, 2011 5:23 am

    Hi, Fred, I’m looking forward to exploring some of these resources. I’m curious if you have a favorite keyword research tool. I’ve tried several but I am not overly impressed with any of them yet.

  2. Bart T on February 21st, 2011 2:13 pm

    Great info…thanks!

  3. Gregg Zban on February 21st, 2011 3:19 pm

    Some nice tools here. I really like the domain reseller program.

  4. Fred Gleeck on February 21st, 2011 4:26 pm

    Janet, I do have a favorite resource tool. Find it here:

  5. Fred Gleeck on February 21st, 2011 4:27 pm

    Bart, Glad to help! Fred

  6. Fred Gleeck on February 21st, 2011 4:27 pm

    Gregg, the domain program has generated me some good money AND has been helpful to a LOT of my customers/clients. If you know of anyone who registers domains, why NOT get paid to introduce them?

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