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AdWords and Information Marketing

Information Marketing

I’ve completely given up on Google and Google Adwords. Years ago, it made sense for me to advertise with Google in their Adwords program. I used to get a reasonable rate on keywords that I wanted to use to advertise myself and my services.

No more.

The rates are ridiculous and unaffordable. The STUPID money has gotten in on the game. What’s STUPID MONEY? The money that is spent my large, bloated corporations who are the same folks willing to spend AD dollars that can’t be tracked. You know the people. The BIG companies that spend money and don’t have to even think about it.

NOT true with folks like you and me. Entrepreneurs that can’t afford to make $1000 mistakes. This is real money to people like you and me.

So I “surrender” as they say in Blackjack. But really, that’s not the right way to say this. In Blackjack, some casinos let you SURRENDER after you’ve placed a bet. If you have a 7 and an 8 and the dealer shows a 10, you’ll want to surrender. AND, you should if they let you.

This assumes that you placed a bet to begin with. I’m now telling you that I don’t even place a BET with Google Adwords. I think the deck is STACKED AGAINST YOU. It’s a no win situation. Why? Because the STUPID MONEY has bid up the price so high that it’s ridiculous!

So, what am I doing instead?

I’m writing a lot. Lots of books, ebooks, blog posts. I’m doing a lot of audio programs. Interviews primarily. I also do lots of videos. NOW, when I want to sell the above items, I do it through means OTHER than paying for clicks. It’s now NO LONGER WORTH IT.

I just did a coaching call yesterday with a woman who is trying to launch a great ebook she wrote. She was complaining about how much money she was losing. She was paying close to $1.50 a click. Tough to make money on a $39 ebook.

If you want to create, market and sell info products, you need to find a way to sell things OTHER than through Google Adwords. Comments?

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3 Responses to “AdWords and Information Marketing”

  1. Paul Sloane on August 11th, 2010 8:09 am

    Interesting article. I still use adwords but will now have to reconsider. I agree that writing articles and blogs is more effective. I find Twitter to be a great place to network.

  2. David Rothwell on August 12th, 2010 9:29 am

    I was speaking at Perry Marshall’s Maui Summit back in March (Glen attended remotely!) and made the prediction that ebook type info marketing would die out on Google AdWords.

    1. Physical products are taking over
    2. Google has always been predicated on Relevance. If you have a source of unique, relevant content you should be ranking organically already, and not in need of AdWords

    I don’t believe ebooks, clickbank and info products and market places will remain viable on AdWords for much longer.

    So the content and article approach is the (only) right and appropriate way to go.

  3. Fred Gleeck on August 12th, 2010 6:30 pm

    David, I’ll go farther than that. There is so much stupid money in the game that there will be FEW products, digital or physical that you can sell using Google Adwords.

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