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Are You One Blog Post Away From Info Marketing Success?

Information Marketing

Are you one blog post away from info marketing success? Honestly? I doubt it. But it can happen. Getting just the right people’s attention at just the right time can catapult your career and your business in a very real way.

Tim Ferris, the 4-Hour Workweek guy (who admits he works a LOT more than that) has guest post that shows you some remarkable success techniques for raising capital. Naturally, they require a whole lot more than writing one blog post, but my point is that one post can start an avalanche of attention that leads to their information marketing business success.

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Blogging and Information Marketing

Personally, I believe in consistency. In my writing, speaking and coaching endeavors I stick with it and keep doing what has worked for me, and for my many clients and customers who put the things they learned from me into practice. One guest post can start the ball rolling now, but it will only be one piece of the whole pie. And you gotta keep baking to create a successful business.

Ferris calls it The 4-Hour Chef, but it’s not all about food. It’s about smart consistency in all that you do. My blog dates back to the summer of 2004, so you can see I’ve been at it for quite a while. That is my idea of consistency – doing something well and sticking with it to build success.

Dig into your file cabinet, if you still own one, and into your digital files and old emails to find great ideas just waiting for you to write about. Start a blog or get cracking on the blog you’ve already started but sadly ignored. Yeah, it can happen to all of us before we develop the blogging habit.

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Information Marketing

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