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Blogging SYSTEM for Information Marketers

Information Marketing

I’ve been doing a LOT more blogging over the last few months. I’d like to share with you some ideas that will help YOU to do it better.

First, keep your eyes open 24/7 for things that are related to YOUR market niche. Whether you’re walking the dog, buying groceries or surfing the web, look for how anything you see, hear or read can be applicable to your niche.

For me, I like to have a note pad and or a digital recorder handy with me ALL the time. As soon as you tell yourself to remember something, that will be when you forget it!

Don’t rely on your memory. No matter HOW OLD you are!

Secondly, have a system set up for blogging on your computer. For me, it works like this. Any idea that I get while I’m at my computer I immediately come up with a title for.

It will be written in a text file on my computer. The name of the file is (surprise, surprise!) BLOG POSTS. Writing down a title is the start to the post itself. In my case, coming up with the title makes it so the article almost WRITES ITSELF.

Third, I will actually write the post. I usually try to write a quick introductory paragraph, then come up with a few bullet points (maybe 10 or 12 sometimes) and then write a conclusion. I find this system works for me to crank out post pretty quickly.

Fourth, I will take my post from my text file and paste it into my WordPress blog at I make sure that I post it into the HTML tab of the blog post. This will help to make sure that formatting doesn’t get all screwed up.

Fifth, after I publish the post, I’ll go through and edit it in a larger text size making it easier to read. I’ll then make any changes and hit the UPDATE button within my WordPress blog.

Sixth, I’ll take the post and grab a copy of the shortlink. This is a link given to you after you make a post in WordPress to make it easy to find your post when you direct people to it.

Seventh, I will take the post and put the longest line in the post and put it into a MS Word file. I’ll then highlight the line and click the TOOLS button. This will then allow me to go to the WORD COUNT selection.

I will see and make sure that my longest line is NOT longer than 70 characters, including spaces. If not, when I send it out as an email through WebMarketingMagic it won’t look good because characters will rap.

Eighth, I will mail my post to my email list and include the following on the bottom of the email:

Comments? Questions? If you like this article, please link to it below!
(I’ll insert the SHORTLINK here).

Ninth, I will mail it out to my email list. I do this because some people (and you KNOW who you are) aren’t subscribed to and reading my blog regularly. I can’t imagine WHY NOT, but it has been known to happen!!

Those are my steps. I hope they help you to do your posts BETTER, FASTER and more EFFECTIVELY!

Information Marketing

2 Responses to “Blogging SYSTEM for Information Marketers”

  1. Rob Wallis on September 16th, 2010 11:32 pm

    Love it! Thanks so much for all the advice. Yours is the blog I really look forward to reading.

  2. Fred Gleeck on September 17th, 2010 12:53 am

    Rob, thanks again for your comment. Always appreciate the feedback, positive OR negative. But comments like yours make me feel I’m on the right track!

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