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Choosing Blog Titles in the Info Marketing Field

Information Marketing

One of the most important elements of your blog post is the title you choose to use. Your titles should have two key elements if it’s going to WORK. First, it should contain some of your keywords or keyword strings. Second, it should make it clear what the post is about.

Take the title of this post. My target market is people in the information marketing business. Sometimes I will use the shortened version of this by using “INFO” rather than the complete word: “INFORMATION.” I don’t want to use the SAME keyword over and over again. Even if it’s my DEAD CENTER KEYWORD, which for me is “information marketing.”

I also think that this particular post has a title that is crystal clear for anyone to understand. You KNOW that the post is about creating blog titles. It’s also geared to folks in the field that I’m in. It’s clear from this post that I’ve targeted a specific topic and directed it to a specific group.

I suggest you do the same. Make sure that no one is ever confused about WHAT your post is about and to WHOM your post is targeted to. Do this and your blog post titles will be much more effective!

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