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Everyone who sells info products understands the value of CONTENT. Fresh, new and helpful content. Content that when delivered helps the targeted market DO something different.

For some reason, I’ve never had a problem finding and delivering NEW content. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that I’m intensely interested in my field. I like marketing and selling info products.

There are numerous “gurus” out there who clearly do NOT. I’ve sat next to these guys. Many of them DESPISE their customers. If they didn’t put money in their pockets, then wouldn’t want to be anywhere near them.

I LOVE this business so it’s frankly pretty easy for me to find, interpret and then deliver good material.

Here is what you need to do to be able to blog like a MANIAC like me.

First, read a lot of different things in your field. Find the major 5 GURUS in your field. Get on their list, read their blogs, read their books as well. Second, get a hold of every magazine in your field. Read them. Take notes. Synthesize.

Second, watch. Watch television. Watch videos. Get on YouTube and put in your niche keywords and look at the videos. Much of it will be complete CRAP. Some of it will be useful.

Third, experience. As you go through your daily life, look for great examples of ideas that will be great fodder for you to share with those who follow you.

No content? Can’t find any? GIVE ME A BREAK!!

COMMENTS? Don’t let me do this alone!!!

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