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Facebook and Information Marketing? Yes, IF Done Right!

Information Marketing

In the field of internet information marketing, Facebook has GOT to be considered. I was just listening to my audio copy of “The Facebook Effect” in the car earlier today. The latest word is that FB is getting VERY close to the 500,000,000 user mark.


Clearly, everyone who sells info products (and everyone else for that matter) is trying to find a way to monetize this platform. Few have and few will. Reason? Facebook is PRIMARILY a social site. The VAST majority of people when they use the site are NOT in a “business mode.”

So is there a way to make money from Facebook? I think there is. I don’t think there’s a magic bullet that you need to buy. Instead, all I think you need to do is understand some basics about selling info products.

First, when you try and vigorously promote something, people tend to shy away. Most of your potential customers prefer a more SUBTLE approach. This is particularly true with Facebook. Again, people who are on the site are not mainly there with a BUSINESS intent.

Here is what I suggest.

Have some GREAT free information that you give away to people. It should naturally be in digital form to make it easy to deliver. Build a large list of friends on Facebook any and every way that you can.

Then offer all of your “friends” great free information on a regular basis. You’ll be perceived as one of the NON SLEAZY operators. You’ll get people to see that you’re willing to educate first before trying to sell them something. This will work out for you in the long run.

So, here’s your PLAN. First, go out and get as many people as you can to “FRIEND YOU” on FB. Then start offering some really cool digital items for free. Deliver some very good, high quality, high value information. Get them onto your list for future offers.

Then and ONLY then make them the occasional offer for products and services that make sense.

Follow this SYSTEM and you’ll get Facebook to work for you!

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