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Google Pagerank and Information Marketing

Information Marketing

If you’re in information marketing it’s important for you to understand the meaning and value of Google’s Pageranking system. The best way to get yourself to understand what this is all about is to download something called SeoQuake to your Firefox browser.

Downloading this add-on will allow you to see a number of interesting and important statistics whenever you visit a website. One of the more interesting tidbits you’ll get with this particular plug-in is the ability to see what Pagerank a given site has.

Why is this important?

I’ll give you a perfect example. I just checked my Google Alerts a few minutes before writing this post. There were a few people involved in the info products business that I hadn’t seen before.

I clicked on the link and went to their site. It was your standard SALES PAGE. The first thing I did was check the pagerank for the site. In that spot they had the letter “n/a”. This means that the pagerank is NON EXISTENT.

This means that they don’t get any traffic. NOT a good sign.

If you don’t use Firefox, make sure you go and download it now. I don’t care what browser you use for your “standard” surfing, but Firefox is mandatory if ONLY for this purpose. To be able to use the SeoQuake function.

My “PR” as they call it for this site, is a 4. I’d like to get it up to a 5 and will be working my tail off to make that happen. A 4 is pretty decent and means there are a fair amount of people visiting and linking to my site.

Although the pagerank of a site won’t tell you everything, it will help you to figure out who you’re dealing with. Always use this function when someone contacts you. Check out the various measurements that Firefox and SeoQuake will give you.

Over time you’ll become better acquainted with ALL of the various stats that you get from that plug-in. BUT, start by understanding this ONE MAIN one. Pagerank.

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