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I posted something a couple of days ago about a webinar I attended. I just got an email from the promoter asking me for feedback. As someone who sells info products, I was in the process of sending him a link to that post.

Here it is if you want to read what I wrote:

I was just about to send the email. It read: Mr X., If you are truly interested in my honest feedback and aren’t just looking to be “stroked” then click on this link. I warn you that this is information you may not want to hear, etc.”

I was about to send it when I stopped myself. I’m not certain why. Should I have sent it? What would you have done in this situation?

The reason why I held back is I asked myself: What value are delivering to this guy by sending this email? Is he going to change the way he does business? Is he going to “change his evil ways?” I think not. All I’ll do is piss him off by alerting him to what I wrote about his little DEAL.

I did post something on Facebook. The post was targeted to any and everyone who either does or attends webinars. I was HOPING he would see the post and click through and read what I had to say. Maybe he did. Who knows.

If he did, I doubt he would have sent me a THANK YOU email.

Again, what would YOU have done? Should I have sent the email? Or just let it go?

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One Response to “HONEST Feedback When Selling Info Products”

  1. Jenny Olin on August 12th, 2010 11:11 am

    I agree with your distaste for being misled. Your blog is a good vent. Should you send it to the promoter? Depends. Do you want to express your anger or provide constructive criticism? The content of your blog will likely only promote hostility. Do you want to contribute to the ill will in the world? If you want to provide feedback with good will, you definitely need a rewrite. Your comments may or may not be valued by this guy. Where do you want to put your time and energy today?

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