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I just got a Google alert for the keyword “info products.” I clicked through to the site and this individual is trying to make money hawking other people’s stuff as an affiliate. It would be great if I could give you a link to his site, but I don’t want to give this guy any traffic.

At least I PRESUME it’s a guy. Pardon my sexist world-view.

The reason why I’m uncertain is that I scoured the site for SOME INDICATION of who ran this thing. Nowhere to be found. GREAT. That’s the way to inspire confidence in your website. You don’t even put your friggin name on your site? Are you f-ing kidding me???


You can’t convince me to even consider buying something from you if you won’t come out from the shadows and let me see your face. If you want to hide behind a vail of secrecy, this is the WRONG business to be in.

I THINK his/her plan was to put up a site that linked to every possible product in the world (but mine!) related to info products. Then HOPE that the search engines would find him. Even if he just made a few dollars that would be fine.


Please don’t do this yourself. If you aren’t confident enough in what you’re promoting to put your name out there, then don’t do it. Also, if you come across a site where you can’t find the name of the person who put the site together, then PLEASE . . . DO NOT BUY from this person.

I am constantly amazed by how people attempt to do business in this field. No doubt, SOMEONE had told him to do this and he (or she) was merely following their advice. Well, BAD ADVICE!

If you don’t make it easy for me to figure out who you are, why should I buy from you??

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