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How to Use Facebook in the Information Marketing Field

Information Marketing

There are a lot of people out there who keep telling me that you can monetize Facebook if you’re in the information marketing field. Although this may be true, I think it’s more apt to be true if you use FACEBOOK indirectly to generate cash.

Indirect? What do I mean?

I don’t think that asking people directly to give you money, buy a product, or sign up for a seminar works on Facebook. You need to use a much more indirect, subtle approach.

People are on Facebook PRIMARILY for the social elements. Business is the MAIN purpose for some, but for MOST, like me, I’m on it to hang out and see pics of my old friends.

YES, I love the fact that many of my business friends/colleagues are also “friending” me on Facebook, but I REALLY enjoy hanging out with my old high school friends from Manila. I don’t think I’m alone!

If you accept my premise that the majority of people are on FB for fun and social purposes, your approach to them (business-wise) MUST be different to be effective.

Here is what I do and suggest.

Use Facebook to get people on your list by offering them a high-content digital freebie. I do it by offering people 6 of my most popular books in ebook form. This approach is a LOT more effective than trying to twist someone’s arm to get them to BUY something.

Particularly in the FACEBOOK environment. People don’t see it as a place to do commerce. The VAST majority of folks on the site see it as distinctly NON business. This means that your chances of selling people anything DIRECTLY is low.

Instead, go for a different approach. Give something away and capture their name to put on your list. Future cash! This way you won’t make people “HIDE” your feed. I do this with all the people who are NON subtle and constantly trying to sell me something directly.

These folks just DON’T GET IT! Don’t be ONE OF THEM!

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