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If You’re Selling Info Products, You NEED to Know Why “Chicken Soup for the Soul” is so Popular

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I’ve got to confess. I have NEVER read a Chicken Soup book. I have no interest in this genre. I can find motivation in other places. Hey, it’s just me, you may be a big fan. I’m glad it’s working for you. For me, it just doesn’t. But, one this is clear, if you market and sell info products, you need to understand WHY they are so successful.

It’s the same reason movies like “The Notebook” work. They appeal to a very general audience who have very “pedestrian” taste. The definition I just looked up gave the word COMMONPLACE. That’s what I’m saying. It’s appealing to the “everyman” or woman.

I happen to be a little bit of an ELITIST. I like what I like. I tend NOT to like what the masses like. You too? Welcome to the club. Calling oneself an elitist can get you in trouble in some circles. But, don’t worry. Full speed ahead. Damn the torpedos!

If you market and sell information, you have to decide who your market is. Are you going for the MASS market or are you targeting a specific NICHE? In my case the answer is the NICHE. My entire business model is built on this concept. Find a small but rabid group. Find out what they want to learn. Then produce it and sell it to them.

IF you decide to go after a large MASS market niche, good luck! It will take a lot MORE money and effort. You MAY succeed, but the chances are reduced.

I always give this example at my seminars and workshops. When someone comes up to me and says: “I’ve got the next greatest DIET book!” I respond by saying: GOOD LUCK! However, when someone comes up to me and says: “I’ve got the next greatest diet book for ACCOUNTANTS”, I get excited.

Diet is the mass market. Targeting a specific group makes way more sense. Easier to win that way!

Even the CHICKEN SOUP folks understood this. After the first few books, they started NICHING their books for individual groups. I’m anxiously awaiting the next one: “Chicken Soup for Men Over 40 with Green Eyes and Brown Hair”. I think that’s about the LAST topic they have left to explore!

So unless you have lots of CASH and lots of TIME, target a market specifically. It’s easier to make the business of selling info products work!

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