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I have a good friend that I’m trying to help with her business. A week or so ago, I even gave her my phone number and told her to call me for us to discuss things. No call!

If people aren’t READY TO DO SOMETHING, you can’t make them. No matter how hard you want or try. I’m finding this particularly true in the info products business.

Do YOU ever get frustrated like I do? I sure HOPE I’m not alone. There are some people that you can’t help because they just aren’t ready.

Here’s my NEW approach. I will remain ready, willing and able to help people as long as THEY WANT HELP! The people who I THINK need help, I’m going to forget about asking them. It’s too much work and it never seems to pan out.

I think that one of the reasons I get so frustrated is that I KNOW I can help this particular person. She is a long time friend and operating in a market that I have a particular affinity with. Dogs. She also has a product that is very good. All of these things add up to FRUSTRATION on my part. I know I could help. IF I were allowed to do so.

Just like the old expression goes: “When the student is ready the teacher will appear!” I guess that old adage holds true here. It doesn’t say: “When the teacher offers help, the student will receive it.” Nope, nothing like that.

This story also reminds me of someone who attended a bootcamp a while back. No matter how much I tried to help him, he wasn’t willing to listen. How the HECK do you help someone like that? It’s tough, and in the end, I gave up. I can’t. It’s just not possible.

All YOU can control are your own actions and reactions. NOT those of the people you’re trying to work with.

As a friend of mine says repeatedly: I’M REALLY BAD AT DRAGGING PEOPLE ACROSS THE FINISH LINE. Amen to that.

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