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If you’re selling information products, you have to be able to do good book reports. Like in eighth grade? Almost exactly! Here is what I do. Every time I read a book or listen to an audio program, I imagine that I’m back in Junior High School. I make myself do a book report on every product I hear, see or read.

Why? Because when I do, I am able to create my own shortened version of the book or other product that I’m doing my report on. A couple of days ago, I bought someone’s ebook online. I could have just printed it out (like I did) and highlight it (like I ALSO did).

In order to remember and implement the ideas, I’d have to go back and RE-READ the ebook that I bought. Instead, I take notes and underline and highlight the report. After going through it the first time, I go back and create my BOOK REPORT on the product.

When I’m done I end up internalizing the material and I’ve also created a CLIFF NOTES version of the program. I have my own PRIMER for the topic that I just read. By using this system, I can better remember what I’m learning.

I only WISH that other information marketers would do this for me. The products that I REALLY like have two components. First, the entire FULL product itself. Second is the book report or summarized version of the product.

In any of my products that I produce from now on, my goal is to have a book report that comes along with the main/full product itself. Why make your customers do the work? Do it for them. By doing this, I give people the cliff notes version of the material. What they WON’T get unless they use my system is the internalizing part of the equation.

This can ONLY come when you go through the material more than once. Some products I’ll read and reread or listen and re-listen to MANY times. If it’s important to me, I want it to become FULLY internalized. This will only come with MULTIPLE iterations.

I have a bit of a conflict with GIVING people the book report. I would PREFER if they did it themselves. BUT, I know how people are. They won’t do it.

If you’re producing info products, keep this in mind. I would suggest you produce a book report that goes along with every product, but I’m HOPING that the people who buy your product, do what I do. That is, they “do it themselves.”

This way the information is pounded into their heads and usually gets internalized a lot better.

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