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I just finished doing an interview with a developer of the BEST membership site software out there. Dollar for dollar his software product is the best. If you sell info products, listen up because this post is definitely for you.

If you produce and market a lot of content like I do, the question is always how to sell it most effectively. As it turn out, this new software, which can be found at, is the way to go no matter HOW you want to sell things.

Not only can you “drip” content to your MEMBERS, but you can also deliver products like you would when selling something ONCE OFF at a website.

This gives you a lot of advantages.

For me, I like the idea of being able to provide content on a site that is FREE, FREE FOR MEMBERS ONLY, or PAID when you become a PAID MEMBER.

The system is great if you want to avoid the headaches of physical delivery. As I write this post, I have to physically ship a whole bunch of my books to Australia. I was UNAWARE that on my website, I had NEGLECTED to change the price of INTERNATIONAL orders.

I took the box to the post office yesterday. The postage alone was running over $40. UNBELIEVABLE! Immediately, I asked my webmaster Stanley to put a special button on the site for folks who wanted to order from outside the U.S.

Although any info marketer who still have had the same problem IF they had a membership site, this kind of thing would happen much less frequently. One of the reasons I LOVE selling information products is that we’re now getting to the point where virtually everything can be delivered digitally. Membership sites help us do this.

I’m NOT suggesting that you shouldn’t have a site or sites that sells some physical products. I encourage you to do so and think that the FredBookDeal site is a good example of how to do that. Bundling a whole bunch of stuff together for a flat fee seems to work pretty well.

I am suggesting that when you have physical products you sell, be careful. Shipping cost can KILL you on international orders for info products. Particularly when the products are books which weigh quite a bit.

My membership site will soon be ready. I’ll be keeping it on THIS site, because I want to get all the SEO benefits associated with the traffic that results. Keep watching, it will be available VERY soon.

Cheap Domain Names Registration

Get domains name cheaper than anywhere with 24/7 customer support.

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