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Information Marketing and YOUR Personality

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Selling info products is all about CONTENT! Really? NO, not really. That’s how it “should” be. In FACT, it has a LOT to do with the personality behind the info products being marketed and sold.

Best to define our terms. By PERSONALITY I don’t mean whether or not you’re bubbly or quiet. In this post, I’m referring to how you present yourself. In your speaking, writing and ANYTHING else that represents YOU and your sites and/or material.

You don’t have be loud and extroverted like me to project YOUR personality. In fact, trying to behave like someone you’re not will only make people feel that you aren’t being authentic. People HATE fakes. Don’t try and be someone that you’re not.

The MOST important element that you need for people to see when they visit your site or buy your products is your CORE. Your ESSENCE. Who you really are. That’s what people need to see.

Most info marketers are hesitant to do this. Why? Because they are concerned that people won’t like them. This fear is NOT unwarranted. There WILL be people who don’t like you. AND, the more you’re willing to TAKE SIDES and give your opinion, the more you’ll become a POLARIZING figure.

I’m suggesting to you that this is a good thing. I see NO problem with the AUTHENTIC YOU really pissing people off on occasion. Not only is there nothing wrong with that, I think that it’s KEY to you being seen as a leader in your niche.

People in the political arena will easily understand what I’m saying here. When you’re a politician, there are times when less than 30% of the people even LIKE you. This probably is NOT where you want to be in OUR field, but successful politicians are those who get just over 50% of the people to vote for them.

If YOU go below 50%, then you need to be worried. If you get SOME people annoyed at the positions that you take, don’t worry about it! It goes with the territory. It’s just part of the whole deal!

I will frequently RANT about unscrupulous information marketers taking advantage of people. I will continue to do so. Why? Because I want people to LIKE me? Hardly. I would have been a LOT better off had I kept my mouth shut and just joined this “distinguished” group of opportunists. But, that would not have worked for me. It would not have been authentically me.

What about YOU? If you’re not willing to take a stand and say what you really believe about issues in your niche, you’re not entitled to the rewards you might reap. Simple as that.

YOUR personality is important. We can quibble about whether or not it SHOULD be. The REALITY is that PERSONALITY counts. Again, maybe that’s not right. Maybe it should be all about content. BUT, it’s not. Your ability to win this game is about BOTH content and personality.

What are you communicating about YOUR PERSONALITY when you communicate with your market? Whatever it is, it should NOT be an afterthought.

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