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Information Marketing Blogs: Which Ones?

Information Marketing

This is more a question to YOU than a post. I think I’ve got a pretty darned good blog in the field of marketing and selling info products. However, I don’t know of any other blogs that I should be reading myself. I’d like your help.

Which blogs do YOU read?

I’d prefer for you to give me some other info marketing blogs to check out, but I’m open. If you have a blog that you read that fits what I’m doing here, I’d be anxious to hear about it.

I’ve visited Seth Godin’s blog and I’ve seen a few others that I think are DECENT, but there is nothing that really blows me away.

As with most things, your customers/clients often know a lot of things that you don’t. This is very likely one of those areas. I’m constantly amazed at how people will bring something to my attention that I’ve never even seen or heard about before. After checking it out I will frequently think/say to myself: HOW THE HECK DID I MISS THIS???

This makes it easy to be humble in this business, or any business.

I just want to note that there are some fairly well known bloggers who are SO arrogant that they won’t even bother to answer emails that you send to them. I guess they are a lot more important than I am! HA!

The only way to get people to talk with you is to contact them and see what happens.

If you send me blogs where I have had BAD experiences, I apologize in advance. I may not leave your comment up. I’ll ONLY do that if I’ve personally had a bad experience with the individual or know that they are dishonest.

I look forward to seeing what YOU come up with.

Information Marketing

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