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Invitations to Speak At Info Marketing Events

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I just got an email invitation to speak at someone’s event. I read the email with interest. AND, so as not to embarrass the individual who sent me the invite, I’ll not give you specifics.

The email told me that “they had recently started to follow my work.” Interesting. If they had only recently started to follow my work, why would they invite me to speak at an event. I would THOROUGHLY vet any and all speakers at any event I would do.

The next thing that turned me off was they BIG-TIMED me. Let me explain the term. BigTiming is when you make claims about numbers or contacts that are unsubstantiated or are UNLIKELY to be true. In this case, the person who emailed me said that this event would be “impacting” over X amount of people. The number was BIG. Actually, the real word would be UNBELIEVABLE.

I do a lot of seminars myself. One of the things I make sure to do is to NEVER promise the speakers something that I am SURE I can’t deliver. It’s always better to err on the side of caution when making claims to your speakers at events.


Because if you make BIG promises and then can’t live up to them you look like an ASS. Plain and simple. You lose credibility. Your chances of getting people to attend next year’s or next months event are minimal. You’re no longer someone who can be trusted. NOT GOOD.

In fact, I err on the side of telling my speakers that there will be LESS people than I actually think will be there. This always makes me look good. NO speaker wants to be disappointed with the number of people who actually show up for any seminar, workshop or event.

Another big mistake that was made by the individual who invited me to this event was that they listed other speakers who would be there. The list included individuals who I would NOT want to be anywhere NEAR.

Here is how I handled this in my response to the invitation to speak at the event. My email read:

“Sorry, I believe some of your guests do not share my ethical values. As my REPUTATION is my single BIGGEST asset, I must respectfully DECLINE. Best, Fred”

You can always make more money. It is VERY difficult to RECOVER a REPUTATION!

So, when you are invited to speak at events, ask yourself this KEY QUESTION: Does this event help you to achieve your LONG TERM goals. It MAY make you a few extra bucks, but does it help you get where you want to go in the long run.

If the answer is NO, feel free to use the words I’ve selected above if they fit. They may or may not, depending on the invitation you receive.

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