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I am CLEARLY not like most people who market and sell information for a living. My goal is NOT to make the greatest amount of money TODAY. Everywhere I turn there is some new PRODUCT LAUNCH or some new SYSTEM that will make you millions overnight if you just buy this $97 ebook. YIKES.

It reminds me of this time I was doing a seminar in NYC. This guys comes up to me at one of the breaks and calmly explains to me that he has the CURE for CANCER. Wow! Impressive. He then proceeds to tell me how he is selling his SOLUTION for $39 on a CD he shows me.

Here’s the problem with the above example. IF you indeed had the cure for cancer, there is NO WAY you should or would be selling it for $39. Your price makes your claim NON-SENSICAL. IF the cure was real, the price should be sky high.

The same thing is true of the latest offer YOU just got via email or off of someone’s blog post. It’s telling you about how you can make MILLIONS in the next 90 days, BUT, if you order TODAY, the system will cost you just $37.

I recently saw just such a promotion from a guy in England. He put out this video showing his checks (which I have NO idea whether or not they are real) for big bucks. BUT, you can come learn how to do it all for under $50 (US).

When I saw this promotion, I quickly emailed my buddy, Jurgen Wolff, to ask him to go. I wanted someone there who I know and trust to let me know what the heck this guy was doing.

Clearly, there has to be a catch. With folks like this, there always is. YOU and I are not stupid. If you really CAN show me how to make all this money, there is no way you’d sell it for under $50. Again, that’s NON-SENSICAL.

So, I KNOW that this event must have some “interesting” back-end offers that will be made.

For me, this business is about building a LONG TERM sustainable income stream from numerous sources. I like how Warren Buffet built his “NEST EGG.” Slow, steady, and LARGE. For him it wasn’t a SPRINT. It was a marathon. And, as he reaches the finish line (for him), he seems to have done pretty darn well.

In the information marketing field, I approach it the same way. I’m looking at the next 10-20 years ahead. I don’t care how much money I make TODAY. I care about accumulating wealth in an ethical and sensible manner for the future. For the long haul.

For me, it’s NEVER been a SPRINT, it’s always been a MARATHON.

And, as everyone who understands the difference between the two, the TRAINING for each of these disciplines is VERY different.

Make sure you are training for the RIGHT event in YOUR life!

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