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It’s about COMPETENCE in Information Marketing

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Last night I was listening to an “old” interview with Chris Anderson, the author of the book “FREE” and the editor of Wired Magazine. Everyone in the field of information marketing should be reading every word this guy has to say!

As he was being interviewed, a question came up about his OTHER interests business-wise. He spoke passionately about a ROBOTICS company that he had put together. As he was assembling the right team to work on this project he was corresponding with a guy in Puerto Rico. Chris was so impressed with him that he offered him a 50-50 partnership deal.

Soon after offering him the deal (or perhaps right before – it wasn’t clear), he discovered that his NEW PARTNER was 19 years old. This did not change what he did. Age for Chris or ANYONE who has half a brain is not the relevant issue.


I’ve seen 50 year olds who act and behave like teenagers. I’ve behaved that way in the past myself on occasion. Age may be one element to be considered when you sell info products, but it is certainly not the determinant issue. For me, it’s always been about what you know rather than how old you are.

I applaud Chris Anderson for understanding that AGE is but one, often irrelevant factor in making a business decision. I would LOVE to have business partners that are YOUNG BUCKS.

I recently had a conversation with a “kid” in Phoenix. He’s involved in the video email business with me. He happens to be 17 years old and runs three companies. One of which is one of the most successful solar firms in the Phoenix valley.

Let’s not worry about age as info marketers, let’s worry about whether people know their stuff.

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