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Since this blog is about information marketing, I will seldom talk about MINDSET when it comes to selling info products. Just yesterday on my weekly LIVE broadcast, I had a woman ask some questions that let me to write this post. She was serious about trying to make things happen. She wanted things to work.


When I asked her about what niche she was working in, she gave an answer that many people do. “I could be doing work in a LOT of areas. I have numerous interests.” This, no doubt makes her a great guest at your next cocktail party, but as far as her chances for success in THIS business, they are much reduced.

I hate to use myself as the example (once again), but it’s the one I know BEST!

My field is info marketing. I also so some work in the area of seminar marketing and one or two other fields, but for THIS blog, that’s what I’m all about. EVERYTHING that I post and link to from this blog is about that topic. It may be tangentially related, but it has something to do with selling information products. Full stop.

Like you, I have a bunch of other interests. I’m a huge film buff and a do a LOT of reading. IF I want to start a blog about those topics, I would put it somewhere else. It’s a completely different and unrelated topic. It would have no “place” on this blog.

I consider myself to be a pretty Renaissance guy. I like and enjoy things OTHER than marketing information. BUT, that being said, this blog is about THAT single topic. It’s focused.

If YOU are having a similar problem, let me put it to you gently. You won’t make any money trying to do 5 things at once. Pick ONE of your interests and work on that one. After you’ve got a thriving business going in that field, THEN and ONLY then consider moving on to something else.

In my case, I want to start blogging/talking about movies and books. Since it’s not my goal to make money with this other side interest, I will do my blogging on that other site for FUN. NOT for money. That would be fine.

What if you have a number of different areas of interest and don’t know which one to pick? If your goal is to make some money, then the way you make your choice will be different than someone who is independently wealthy and doesn’t have to worry about an income stream.

The choice you make needs to be based on a few things:

1. What will sustain your interest over time.

2. How much competition is there? Too much or too little would be a bad thing.

3. Is your choice one where people would want to BUY things related to the topic?

I hope this helps, but mainly, I want to hear from you. Comments? Questions?

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