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Paid Advertising and Information Marketing

Information Marketing

No matter what your niche, if you’re selling info products, you’re probably tempted to put out some cash for advertising. It’s been a LONG time since I’ve spent a dime on paid advertising in my info products business.

If you’re considering spending ANY money on advertising, I have two words for you: BE CAREFUL!

As far as I’m concerned, information marketers can FORGET pay-per-click advertising. Its only usefulness MAY be for testing purposes.

Considering advertising in an offline journal? I used to do a LOT of that myself. I would promote my events for the self storage and video producers niches via the trade magazines. NOT any more! The numbers just don’t work.

What about TV and Radio? I was one of the FIRST information marketers to run an infomercial for NON real-estate related products. That was back in 1985. Now 25 years ago. PS – I lost a LOT of money, but my ex-partner got such a good education he’s still in the business!

I will actually be doing some TESTING with some guerilla infomercials in the next few months. But I said TESTING, not ROLLING OUT!

Radio? Unless you are a big outfit doing a lot of business, beware. I’ve seen two people doing this for a while so it must be working. One of them is Lucinda Bassett, who promotes a program on overcoming ANXIETY. At one point I was talking to her husband about helping them on some things a few years back but that fell through.

The other guy on radio I hear every once in a while is a guy who has bought a product or two from me: John Commuta. I spoke to him a year or so back after hearing his commercial for the upteenth time and asked him what the “DEAL” was.

He told me that he wasn’t paying for the ads. They were being run by Nightingale Conant. They paid and he got a VERY small smidgeon of the revenue that resulted from product sales.

As you can see, I’m not a big fan of paid advertising. I prefer to find clever ways of driving traffic to my site without having to come out of pocket ONE RED CENT! (Is that not politically correct to say anymore?)

I would rather YOU spend your time on learning how to generate traffic to your site via blogging and other no cost/low cost means. I don’t want you OR me to lose a dime on advertising. Unless you can at LEAST break even on the front end, I would avoid doing any paid advertising at all.

Today I recorded a program with Bob Bly on Blogging. Tomorrow I record another one with Burke Allen on Publicity. Both of these are GREAT ways to generate traffic without having to pay for advertising.

I’ll give you more information on BOTH of these very shortly. BUT, for the moment, hold on TIGHT to your wallet. I don’t want you spending where you won’t be able to see REAL results!

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