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Information marketing has seen some “interesting” developments in the area of launching a product. Everyone and their brother claims to be able to show you how to make a quick million when launching a new product or service online. I KNOW many of these people involved. I often chuckle when I hear their suggestions.

Particularly their income claims. Very few of which can be officially verified. But, they continue to have their advice followed, even without confirmation that what they espouse actually works! But, that’s never stopped them before. LOL

People who sell information products have been bombarded with new product launch SCHEMES. The vast majority revolve around a group of information marketing “friends” who get together and promote each other’s products. In MOST cases, sight unseen. Great! You now have people endorsing products having NEVER even seen, much less USED the product.

As with most ideas that make NO sense, there is always a seed of truth in them. Here are some of the things you must do if you’re going to launch a product. CORRECTLY.

First, it is assumed that you have built a solid list. A list of individuals who have an intense interest in your topic. Next, you’ve got to assemble other individuals who have lists that are similar in scope/type to the list that you have. These are your joint venture partners who will help to promote your product when you launch.

My suggestion is that you start thinking about your product launch at least 3 or 4 months before the date when you anticipate it being ready to go. This will give you sufficient time to get all the pieces together to make the launch successful.

The moment your product is done, send a copy to your JV partners to give them an idea of what exactly they will be promoting. This will give them a chance to review it personally. Doing this will make it so when they email their list, they will be able to speak about the product from personal experience. This will increase their closing rate by personalizing the message.

As the product’s producer, you need to start letting folks know about your upcoming launch well in advance. This will help build the excitement and anticipation for the product. If you send out a regular ezine, don’t make it the center focus of every email you send out, but let people know about how it is progressing. Give them the highlights of each section and tease them.

Have a schedule set up for the emails that you send out. These should start out a minimum of 6 weeks in advance and preferably 8 weeks before the “official” launch date. They should be set up to BUILD anticipation of the product without giving away precise elements of what’s in it.

Concurrently, you need to have an effective landing page where you will send all those who have an interest in the topic.

These are the basic elements of a product launch. More to come in later posts.

Self Publish Your Own Book

Don't wait for someone else to publish your book, DO IT YOURSELF! This program will give you all the tools to do just that. It's actually simple and easy!

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