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“Singing Your Hits” in Information Marketing

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I’m watching the Ellen Degeneres show as I contemplate ideas and plans about how to do information marketing EVEN BETTER. BTW, Ellen is an even better version of Rosie O’Donnell before she got totally WEIRD. I like Ellen. Nice and “normal.”

Ashton Kutcher (The KING of Twitter) is being interviewed. Ashton is talking about seeing Prince not long ago. He was disappointed. Prince was onstage for over two hours but didn’t play one of his hits. He was disappointed. I would have been as well.

When I recently went to see James Taylor and Carole King, every song they played was one of their hits. I loved it. WHY? Because that’s what people want to hear. I could give a rat’s behind about what YOU as the musician want to play. I came here to listen to your GOOD STUFF. And to the vast majority of people, that means the songs of yours I’ve heard on the radio.

I don’t care how bored YOU are. I paid my money and I want to hear your HITS! PERIOD. Full stop.

It’s true in information marketing. For anyone who markets and sells info products, you need to think about what “your people”, those on your list, want to hear and see. It’s the difference between a YOU and a ME orientation. If you can stick to the YOU orientation, you’re in good shape. Go to the ME side and you’re in trouble.

That wasn’t ALL that Ashton talked about that made me smile as an info marketing guy.

He was on to promote his new film. He has talked the studio into letting him broadcast the first 13 minutes of the movie LIVE from the premiere. I wonder if he’s been reading Chris Anderson’s book. I think YES.

At the Premiere, he’ll be broadcasting it on Ustream, at

I HOPE they have their servers set up to handle the HUGE number of people who will log on to watch the first 13 minutes. This makes SO much sense for any and everyone (including filmmakers). You and me and everyone else on the planet has been FOOLED by great movie previews. They always show you the BEST parts of the movies. Many times the ONLY good parts of the film.

Doing it this way will make me MORE likely to go see the full movie itself. It will be tough for them to ONLY make the first 13 minutes look good. I only HOPE this works. I am 95% certain that it will work. And, if it does, expect to see MUCH more of it.

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